Welcome to the Annapolis USNA Commissioning Week Home Rentals website. This is the first and longest running website dedicated just to listing homes for rent during the United States Naval Academy graduation and other USNA events.   

Graduation: May 28, 2021


Update June 2020: We are no longer accepting new home listings. All properties currently listed on the site will remain up through June 2021. USNA-Rent.com will be taken down for good in June 2021.


Yes, I would like to rent a home for Commissioning Week!  If you  would like to rent a home please go to the rental list by clicking on the anchor to your left.

To help you celebrate!   To help you enjoy Commissioning Week even more, there are services which you might want to contact especially for preparing for that long awaited awaited celebration such as a gourmet bakery (Cakes and Confections) and party supplies (Sea Swag).


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